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Cobras and Cake

   March 2017

We've been living in Hyderabad nearly seven months now. Seven sunkissed, life-altering months. It feels like a small lifetime. Unlike in the beginning when we'd mark every milestone, we've stopped counting the days. Every milestone brings us closer to the day when we'll have to leave this place, and honestly, that's not a day I even want to think of. I know I say it every time, but I really can't put into words the love I have for this place and the people who are a part of my life here.

In the beginning, there were things from home I wished I could have here, and now after so many months the same can be said about my Indian home. There are so many parts of this journey, people and places I wish I could copy and paste back into my Scottish life; to keep them with me forevermore. Like our students and our friends, the people we've become so close to, or the way Joseph, my favourite security man, always says "good night." …

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