A Day At Hogwarts

I wasn't always a harry potter fan. I grew up, like most of my generation, with harry potter and even have a photo of my younger self crawling under JK Rowling's book signing table as my brother got his copy signed, but while my brothers loved the series, I was a wee bit late to the party. When I was little I saw glimpses of harry potter and the chamber of secrets from behind the couch I was so afraid. Then, one day, knowing how book crazy I am, my brother handed me the first one and convinced me to give it a shot.

I was hooked, and the rest as they say, is history. So, you can imagine how excited I was when for my 16th birthday my brothers all chipped in to get me tickets for the Harry Potter experience, which I've been dying to go to. 

I had an amazing day with aunt mairi, and even made friends with an American girl, Natasha as we were on the same tour. My favourite set was the wealsey kitchen, but the whole thing was really breathtaking. I really recommend a visit if you love harry potter. 

It really was magical. 


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