A Weekend In London 2014 // Photo Diary

1. Big Ben
2. Downing Street
3. Harry Potter!!
4. 221B Baker Street
5. West End
6. Piccadilly Circus
7. M&M Store
8. China Town
9. Buckingham Palace
10. Camden Market

Apologies for the crappy broken iPod pictures but I wanted to show a glimpse of the amazing weekend I have just had with you. I fell head over heels for London over these past few days. It was a bit of a whirlwind to be honest, seeing somewhere I last experienced as a four-year-old from an entirely new perspective. 12 years ago I used to visit my uncle here, visiting legoland and other-such child-friendly places. I hardly remember it, and was determined to do as much as possible all over again. We crammed everything in, using the tube (I ADORE the London Underground)to get nearly everywhere and loving every minute. 

Best 16th birthday present ever

London, I'll be back soon.




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