Results Day

It was 4 a.m. when the email came through, and I've never been more awake at such an ungodly hour as I was this morning. Thanks SQA! It's so appreciated. 

Thankfully, I did really well and I'm so proud of my national five results - 6As and a B! I got As in Maths, English, Spanish, Modern Studies, Chemistry and Home Ec. My B was in history, my favourite subject, so that was really disappointing, but none-the-less our celebrations were historical.

I didn't tell my brothers I had signed up for the email results, so we spent most of the day at Doune Castle in Stirling with them teasing me, and me not letting on I already had my results. Then in the echos of the great hall, I mentioned it was a shame I'd only gotten a B in history when I got As in everything else.

We danced and celebrated all afternoon long, and I still can't wipe the smile from my face. I'd hoped for these results, but I hardly believed I would ever get them. 



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