Before The Dawn

Hi Everyone!

The quote above is a favourite of mine, and one I always associate with the New Year. It's hard to believe that 2015 is almost here, and for me that means that it's time to reflect on the sad, beautiful, tragic and lovely year that was 2014.

For me, 2014 hasn't been the greatest. Yet, it hasn't been the worst.

I wasn't very happy at the start of this year, and I think it's crucial you know that, if only to help you understand just how happy I am right now. 


On the friendship front, I was in darkness and I found the dawn. At  beginning of this year, I was hanging around with "friends" I wasn't comfortable around, where I was constantly left out, and not in a very good place. I wasn't happy, and they really didn't care. We weren't very alike, we had conflicting views and ethics, and I suppose I really just did not belong there.

I still don't know how I managed it but, a few months ago I left these "friends" and somehow fell into a group of the most amazing like-minded people I've ever met. People who are passionate about the same things I am passionate about, include me, people who understand. I love these people.


I have a massive family. We don't always see eye to eye, but this year I wanted to improve that. We have had our differences, but for the most part I think we get on better now than ever. If you let them in, I've learned family can be a massive shoulder to cry on, and they really do understand. It's a compromise, certainly, but it's worth it.


Well, guess who won Nanowrimo? Writing wise, this year I have started a blog, completed a very rough first draft of a novel (in a month no less!),  and written more essays than I care to remember. So I'd say writing wise, 2014 has been one of the best yet. Long may it continue.


This years resolutions were quite simple.

If I remember correctly, I wanted to...

Write more. CHECK!

Stay veggie. CHECK!

Pass my exams. Preferably with all As. CHECK! ( 6 A's and a B isn't half bad!)

So I'd say I did pretty well?  I don't think I had any others,  so now it's time to move on to next years resolutions.


First Goal: Pass my exams. Hopefully with As.


Second Goal: Accept any changes, and realise that nothing stays the same forever.


Third Goal: Stop being embarrassed of knowing who I am and what I want.


Fourth Goal: Stop panicking so much. Breathe once in a while. It's never going to go perfectly.


So, that's my goals... what are yours?


Anne x



I hope 2015 is everything you want it to be, and so much more. Stick around for the official launch of Woebegone in January, and a massive thank you to my new followers! xx


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