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So, a few months ago I made an amazing discovery. Have you heard of Sakroots?

"Sakroots is a gallery of colourful & original art featured on bags, shoes, tech, wristlets & wallets, travel, stationery, home and jewellery appealing to the artist, musician and nature lover in all of us.  Each collection features original artwork from our Sakroots artist circle gallery of prints and textured embellishments such as crochet accents, giving the collections a relaxed vibe and tying back to the brand's heritage rich in texture." -

If you're not in love already you have got to check them out! I've already bought two bags (although my mum has put one away for Christmas) and I adore both of them, so I really wanted to share my love with you all.  Seriously, Sakroots is my new favourite brand. As a vegetarian I fully support eco friendly, and animal loving brands that support my beliefs, and Sakroots is just ...perfection.

What you might not know about Sakroots prints, is that all the prints are the creative genius of different artists, and all support a different cause. They are partnered with various charitable organizations that share in their  belief of peace and harmony among all things, and Sakroots allow you to donate at the checkout online, by simply choosing a charity and donation amount from the drop down menu. Even better, Sakroots will match your donation. I'll explain all of this in greater detail below.

The first bag I bought was for school. It's features the beautiful cherry spirit desert design by Valentina Ramos and is definitely one of the best school bags I've had to date. It's a lot bigger inside than I thought it was going to be,  and it even came with a matching pencil-case! I have to carry a lot to school, and as we don't have lockers in the UK, I have to carry everything around all day. I've had this bag for about five months now I think, and it'd holding up really well. It has padding on the straps too, so it's super comfortable to carry.

As I mentioned above, all Sakroots prints support a charity. The cherry spirit desert design featured on my bag symbolizes that "The spirit of the owl brings truth and wisdom" and so supports the charity Wild At Heart. Wild at Heart  is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of Arizona's native birds of prey through the rescue, rehabilitation, relocation and release of owls, hawks, falcons and the occasional eagle. Wild At Heart also provides educational programs, youth volunteer opportunities, and corporate team building and work projects.

The second bag is more for casual use, and is the one my mum has put away for my Christmas, and I also found a matching purse/ ID lanyard, which feature the radiant one world print by Diane Barcelowsky. I obviously haven't had the chance to use it yet, but I have a hunch that its going to be a brilliant bag. I needed a new handbag type bag, and this I extremely my style. I just think it's absolutely gorgeous, and its a brilliant size!

Similarly to the charity mentioned above, the one world print featured on my Christmas bag represents the idea that “we all share one world, one dream of peace.” And so supports the Elephant Nature Park, which is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre in Northern Thailand where anyone can volunteer and visit to help. They have been involved in dozens of rescues to create a thriving elephant herd, and the park provides a natural environment for elephants and other animals under their care.

But that's only one amazing side to Sakroots.

As most of us do when we have a new found obsession, I did my research. I have since found out that all  Sakroots bags use a minimum of 50% eco-friendly materials, including bamboo, jute and azo-free pigments. I don’t think a bag gets more Earth-loving than that.


Anne x


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