To Welcome Spring

Hi Everyone!

As Spring settles in, there's always a part of me that starts to think about Summer. About holidays. When exams are over- what I'm going to do with the weeks that follow. And I'm sure you're a bit like that too. When that undeniable lust to wander strikes and we set forth on a trip to explore the unknown, we’re on a adventure. Every sense is heightened as we take in our surroundings, paying the closest of attention to every little shape, sound, smell… every flicker of light we encounter. We want to remember it all. We take countless pictures, and visit every attraction, to get the most out of our time there. It's new. It's exciting. We come back with our eyes open... and then settle back into our normal daily routine of doing nothing special.

I'm saying this because there’s a place we often forget to explore. We push it to the back of our minds, concluding that we already know it, or perhaps that there’s no need to explore it because it will always be right there. That place is that which is the closest to us. Our own cities, our own homes, our own bodies, our own souls. What we may not realize is that these things are constantly changing in front of our eyes. We often don’t see it at all… because we’ve created the assumption that we already know it. Our intentions are focused elsewhere. Further out, onto that which we know we don’t already know.

Sometimes, though, focusing more closely on our everyday is exactly what we need. It allows us to feel more grounded, more at home; to adapt to our own environments and to answer to our own needs with such greater ease. So today, take on a brand new perspective. As the sun gleams in through your windows, gracing you on this brand new day, truly look at it. Watch the way it bounces off your wall and dances as a breeze flows through the trees. As you go through your day, notice. Notice the way your fingers grip the cabinet just before they pull it open. Notice the way your favorite food tastes as soon as it hits your tongue. Notice the way that food makes you feel. Take note of the people you encounter today – the very same people you’ve encountered many days before. Look at them in a brand new light. Feel their presence, their essence. Discover what you love most about them. Be grateful for the chance to know them, as not everyone in this world will have that same chance.

Sometimes, focusing on our everyday is exactly what we need to bring balance back into our lives. It brings a brand new adoration for the beauty of life and life experiences. For example, I go on and on about my love for undergrounds, especially the London underground. I've lived in and around Glasgow all my life, and yet- I've never taken the underground.  Granted, it's only goes round in a circle, but I've never thought ' I'll take the underground'. This summer, my friends and family have already put that a top of my bucket list for me. That we're going to go on the underground. A round ticket.

How is it that we have this burning desire to go and see all these other places, when none of us have ever truly seen the places that surround us daily. When I think of Scotland, I've not been to half the other cities for a visit. I've driven through them, but never actually gone.

Strange, isn't it?

So today, welcome Spring, and go and explore your everyday.




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