Weekend Thoughts

Hi Everyone!

It’s just been one of those weeks. Each morning I’ve woken with the utmost resistance to the blaring sounds of my alarm clock. I’ve laid in bed going through every reason in the books not to get out of bed. Then finally, when none of my ideas seem logical in the slightest and I realise the time, I jolt out of bed. The pressure of time  causes my morning routine to be hasty and stressful.

This morning was different. I woke up before my alarm  and wondered if I could manage it. If I could get out of bed, have the shower I so desperately wanted, the breakfast my stomach was crying out for, and the start to the day I long for. A morning routine is often overlooked as mundane, but I feel it should really be cherished. Tasks like doing your hair or getting dressed may seem simple, but the truth is your morning sets the mood for the rest of your day.  Once we stop rushing through life, we realise how much more of it we really have time for.  This morning I had washed my hair, eaten breakfast , and was ready twenty minutes before I had to leave. It was beautiful.

But now the weekend is here and my mind is still racing with what I have to do and where I have to be. But the reality is, there will be no alarm clocks, no places to be, and no pressing plans. Time will magically extend for two days. Yet weekends always seem to go by in a flash. You go out, you sleep in, and suddenly that list of activities you planned to do in these two days seems less and less feasible. The projects you wanted to accomplish, the people you wanted to see, the places you wanted to go… you realise that perhaps your eyes were a tad too big for your stomach. My advice: pick one thing. Focus your weekend around one event, whether big or small, and let everything else happen as it does.
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This weekend in particular I want to take the opportunity to appreciate those hours of the morning that always seem urgent. Instead, I want to lay in bed and stare at the ceiling only to let creative thoughts whirl about in my head. Then, when my body finally tells me it’s been fully recharged, I will rise but wait to change out of my night-time attire. I’ll make my way to the kitchen to soak up the rays of the rising sun and savour the day. You never know where this weekend might take you.  Friday evening has finally rolled around, we find ourselves standing at the precipice of possibility, two days that are entirely ours lie ahead… to do with as we please. I like to at least have a rough idea of plans for my days off, but sometimes you have to allow room for the universe to take control.

Happy Weekend!




  1. Such a lovely post. I struggle to get out of bed too, and I know what you mean by planning too many things on your days off! Have a great weekend!

    Becca xx


  2. Thank you! I hope you also have a lovely weekend! :)


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