The First Day Of Summer

Hi Everyone!

Saturday marked the first official day of the Summer holidays here in Scotland. I say official because as you guys know I just got back from Spain on Friday, so I cheated a little. Anyways, for our very first day of summer, Samantha (faultybydesign) and I decided to have a day of culture and exploring in Glasgow.

I think at summer time we all tend to think of going somewhere else, and getting away from the places we see everyday. But the truth is, while we see these places every day of our lives, very few people can actually say that they know everything their city has got to offer, or that they take advantage of where they live. Glasgow has so much to offer- museums, artists, parks, galleries- many of which are totally free to visit. My dad used to take me and my brothers out every weekend into Glasgow- usually to Kelvingrove Art Gallery or the old Transport Museum and occasionally to the People's Palace or Burrow Collection, but as we got older we stopped those little trips- mainly because we were all sick to death of seeing the same things over and over again.

But on Saturday, the two of us went into town and went first to the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is kind of art gallery, but more importantly is the best place to see out over Glasgow, and to get a little bit of peace in a city that hardly stops. It has a viewing platform inside, which is suitable given our weather here in Scotland, but even better is the Charles Rennie Mackintosh (who was the building's designer) tower view. It's up a humongous amount of steps, but I assure you the view is worth it.

After the Lighthouse we had lunch, shopped a little then made our way to Glasgow Green to visit the People's Palace and Gardens. Where we preceded to first be cultural by recalling all the things we had learned in history; and walking around the indoor garden, before the gift shop led to the channelling of our five year old selves (see stretchy man and bubbles) as we sat out in the grounds and ended up giving the bubbles to some little children who became adorably excited over them being blown. Also, the gift shop was selling sweets called Strawberry Hearts and we thought that was super cool because that was the title of my Nanowrimo Novel this year. I also went on the Glasgow Subway for the first time, and that was great too because I've been dying to go on it ever since I fell in love with the London Underground. It was unofficially at the top of my summer bucket list so that was really awesome. I think what was really cool was that excluding train fares, lunch and the few things we bought, everything was free! I had an amazing day, and Samantha is the best company, and we've already started planning future outings like Saturday's.




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