My day is a happy one. We have a Halloween bake sale to raise money for India and after intense selling we raise £166.49, which is amazing and I couldn't be happier. Everything sold so well my gran calls twice after I've told her just to say how unbelievable it was. Suddenly a weekend spent baking seems extremely worthwhile. After school I finally get my bank account opened and the guy helping me is so lovely and full of advice for other fundraisers. I am having a really good day. I meet with some familiars after dinner about running a race night in a few months and I soon get the hang of how it all works. Some days raising so much money seems impossible but on days like today I am filled with confidence. People stop me in the halls and in the street to ask how it's going and being able to say 'it's going really well, thanks' is lovely. I am overjoyed.

This week will a stressful one. It's all about Personal Statements and finalising uni applications and choices. I feel as if I have so much going on and yet hardly anything going on at the same time. My friends reassure me and we plan for Halloween. I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. Our costumes (I'm going as Piper from Orange Is The New Black) are supposed to arrive tomorrow and we've got our fingers crossed, hoping they'll arrive in time for Thursday and Fright Night. I've invited everyone round on Friday and I'll spend Halloween with my little cousins. I can't wait.




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