Nothing makes me happier than receiving handwritten cards and letters, and it feels like the past week has just been full of them. A postcard letter from my brother and sister-in-law, thank you cards, notes of encouragement from friends and letters from old and new friends. I'm hearing the tales from life in London, life on the road, life thousands of miles away. Immediately I'm upstairs scrawling my replies, filled with my own tales and adventures. I love handwritten letters. The way you can hear someone telling you these things through their words, through the ink smudges and lines through words. It is incredibly beautiful thing to receive and I'm ever so grateful.

The week isn't an easy one, but it's things like those letters that make it all a wee bit easier. Then less than week from my application being sent off, I get an unexpected email. Something has changed on your UCAS application. A few nervous clicks and I'm logged into Track. 'The University of Aberdeen has offered you an unconditional place for English and History.' It's the first reply I've gotten and I'm thrilled to know I've got something. I'm holding off until all the replies come in of course, but I'm so happy. Mum is thrilled about the unconditional, but knowing I'll just be back from India, I know she'd rather I was a wee bit closer to home for uni if possible.

Earlier in the week mum told me my brother Luke was coming home on Thursday but he's not there when I get in. It turns out he said next Thursday and mum waited at the airport and got us all excited for nothing. I get emails from my fundraising support officer with more trusts to write too, and I begin getting all the forms filled in. I met my first target of £1000 this week, with a current running total of £1242, and I'm thrilled. On Saturday night my godfather is hosting a quiz night to raise funds too and I'm so excited. People are being so kind and it takes my breath away.

When I log on to get my school stuff from OneDrive I'm curious so I click on the folder marked 'Pictures'. I haven't used OneDrive in years and it shows as suddenly hundreds of old pictures - from years back now -come to life on my screen. Photographs I'd forgotten were ever taken, my early teens and last few years of childhood. 

It's strange, how much our lives can change in so short a time. I had forgotten those moments ever happened, pushed them to the back of my conciousness, and suddenly I could remember being there, what I was doing, where I was going. That's why this blog is so important to me, it will forever keep me connected to myself, old and new and everything in between. Our lives won't stay the same forever, but continue to grow and evolve and we can only hope that we will always be happy.


  1. Congrats on the unconditional! That's really exciting :)

    Sophie x


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