Life Currently #2

All I've been thinking about this week is this quote. "Though she be but little, she is fierce" It's one of my all time favourites, a motivation of sorts for the days when I feel even smaller than even my 5'2 stature makes me. And I was thinking about how true that quote is.  I am small. I am tiny. I am minuscule in a world of millions of people, hundreds of countries, deaths and births, illnesses and natural disasters, celebrations and brokenness.

My problems will not make a ripple in the pool of life. They will not shift the ground or make volcanoes erupt or alter the cosmos. My thoughts won’t be mind-changing for every living, breathing person on this planet. I am just one lump of cells and organs. Just one human.

But like you, I am significant.

Yes, I am itty-bitty. And yes, I am just a speck of the world, but I am a beautiful speck, an incredible speck constructed of thousands of cells and blood vessels and veins and emotions, swirled and sewn and interlaced together.

I am unique thoughts and emotions, I am laughs and tears and growth spurts and hands that can heal. I am words that can change the direction of another’s life. I am kisses to exchange, hugs to give, a heart to share love.

I am broken pieces that will heal together over time. I am a body that lives and teaches strength, a mind that thinks thoughts of positivity and hope.

I am small, yes. But like Samantha wrote on my shirt, I might be small, but I am mighty. 

EATING: lots and lots of chocolate. chocolate cereal, chocolate brownies, chocolate ice cream. I'm addicted.

DRINKING: orange diluting juice 

READING: the blogs of all the people I can find who went to my project as a way of knowing what to expect (somewhat)

LISTENING: to Tyrone Wells & the Grace Unplugged soundtrack

WATCHING: Person Of Interest :)

BOOKMARKING: stuff on Amazon I think I might need for India

WANTING: for nothing. (except, perhaps, sun? is sun too much to ask for?)

LOOKING: forward to 11.15 am on May 30th when my exams will finally be over 

ENJOYING: having my family around me again

WAITING: for the prom I just realised is next week ( you can tell I care a lot about these things)

WONDERING: what I'll be doing, saying, feeling, writing at 10pm on the 27th May 2017, a year from now.

LOVING: how confident I'm feeling about my exam on Monday (sort of, I mean, I'm more confident than I was the other day so that's something)

HOPING: that my brothers will be able to make it for my birthday

MARVELLING: that in four months I'll be living in Hyderabad

NEEDING: to relax and stop worrying so much


NOTICING: how beautiful the sky is

KNOWING: that I'm ready for this exam

LAUGHING: strangely, about the family guy/american dad episodes my brother quotes to me (anyone else's siblings do this relentlessly?)

THINKING: about the powers of the president, about democracy, about benefits and health inequalities and animal rights and my birthday and my exam and my friends. my brain is on constantly at the moment.

DAYDREAMING: about the future and all the things I might do one day.

WISHING: my new phone would get fixed & arrive so that my older and even more broken phone would stop annoying me so much 

FEELING: small, but mighty.


  1. Omg, we're just the same height. We're small but terrible! *hugs* Good luck at school and for sure, you'll ace those exams! :)

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit

    1. #wearemighty heheh thanks Augustine! I hope so :Dx

  2. I loved that post so much, what a beautiful introduction!! I think it's so important for all of us to realise that we are important, that we do have a purpose for being here, that we do inspire others and that our presence does matter. Like you said I'm just one human among millions of others but that doesn't make me any less significant :) Thank you for sharing this & good luck with your exam x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  3. I love how finally someone sees themselves as unique and beautiful, just like we all are. I like the end of the post where you told us all the different things you were doing that is such a neat idea!!
    xo, ED


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