A Night To Remember

In Glasgow in June the air is so hot and so thick I feel like I can barely breathe when I'm walking down the street. It's truly 'taps aaf' weather we're having. A strange kind of excitement has overtaken here that I wish I could put my finger on. 

Friday is Prom. Our last school dance. That realisation makes it hard for me to concentrate long enough to get ready at all. But I shrug off the sadness and let the excitement take over me. I go to the hairdressers and she's so busy running around about ten people at once that it takes hours but the finished look is beautiful and I'm so, so happy with it. I run around like crazy getting ready when I finally get home, stuffing my face with McDonalds fries while fixing my makeup. I wasn't sure about my dress (I always feel self-concious in dresses) but when I look in the mirror I can't help but smile. 

When I come downstairs my brother tells me I look beautiful and mum and dad make me stand in the garden to take a ridiculous amount of photographs with iThings they're only semi-capable of working. It's funny to watch. Dad drives me to Erin's for five and dressed to the nines we all gather in the driveway and garden excitedly as everyone's parents take pictures. We stand in a long line outside our limo and I watch my friend's faces lit by the endless flashes of cameras. They are all so beautiful, inside and out and I love them dearly.

We blast songs and drink a pink fizzy thing as we're driving along the motorway. Everyone is singing along and taking pictures and smiling. Every colour of dress fabric surrounds me and I don't think I've ever seen all my friends look so happy simultaneously. 

Our theme was space, and we all sit together at Jupiter. There are big brown envelopes with our names on them and it's a bunch of our work from first year social subjects. The funniest (read: most embarrassing) ones are in a powerpoint and our teacher reads out a poem Megan & I wrote in first year. We had all our classes together back then and I'm so proud to call her my friend, even if we're both still as daft as we were the day we wrote that poem. I have veggie lasagne for dinner and when dinner is over they're setting up the dancefloor so we go to the photobooth and take loads of silly pictures. The shutter goes so fast we're almost never in position quick enough and the results are funny. 

We spend the rest of the night dancing and taking pictures together. It’s sweaty and loud and absolutely brilliant, the energy of all my friends dancing and singing around me is contagious. They throw their arms into the air as they dance. I make it till eleven till I finally give in and take off my heels. I don't have a camera and instead record it all to memory. This night is my favourite.

the it's an official occasion so lets take photos in the back garden compulsory photie

L-R Katie, Erin, Me, Chloe & Erin 

L-R Padrig, Hannah, Matthew, Nadine, Erin, Me, Samantha, Kaitlyn, Adam, Erin, Katie, Anthony, Chloe, Kyle, Martin & the limo

L-R Kaitlyn, Nadine, Samantha, Erin, Me & Erin
L-R Samantha, Kaitlyn, Me, Erin, Katie

Top L-R Chloe, Nadine, Erin, KAtie, Samantha, Erin, Hannah, Kaitlyn, Me & Klaudia
Bottom L-R Martin, Kyle, Martin. Padrig, Anthony, Adam & Matthew

MATHS REUNION #pinapplefridays Charlotte, Mr McCormack, Taylor, Matthew, Me, Erin, Chloe, Katie, Nadine

Charlotte, Samantha, Erin, Kaitlyn & Me

Charlotte, Samantha, Erin, Kaitlyn & Me

Charlotte & Me

in the photo booth!

Erin & Me with Miss Gallagher #livinglifeinthefaslane

Megan & Me

Me & Erin
Me & Mr McCormack

I'm an astronaut!


  1. Aw these are lovely photos. I remembered my prom like it was yesterday and it was actually 6 years ago...


    1. Thanks :D It's crazy how fast time passes!x

  2. It looks like you had a great time! You look absolutely beautiful in your dress!

    1. thank you so much vanessa! it was a great night :D x

  3. anne this is such a lovely, lovely post :D I'm so happy you had such a wonderful night at your prom, & you looked so fabulous! xx

  4. Oh my you look so lovly!I think it's neat how you went somewhere other then the school gym for prom!
    All the love,
    Hugs from Hayley xx

  5. Aww thank you Hayley! I know, it was way nicer than a gym hall :D x


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