Life Currently #3

When God created the human race, I think He gave us one magic power. The word ‘sorry’. Or at least those who overuse the word seem to think He did.

It’s amazing how many; how horrific; how hurtful; how unforgivable an act sorry seems to have the mythical reach of healing. You could wipe half of mankind and most people will still be sat there angling for an apology. Like really?! Someone ploughs through your entire life and mutters a two syllable word and suddenly the world is all roses and rainbows? Why do we let people steamroll their way through our existence? Shatter it and break it? Totally annihilate it and then feel okay because someone somewhere, most probably in school at the age of 5, told us that as long as they say that one word everything is okay again? It isn't. 

I don't know how many of you have, like me, been following the Stanford Rape Case (read more here). Fearing it would have a negative impact on his future career as an athlete; a man who had raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster got a significantly reduced sentence of six months instead of the expected 14 years. His father wrote a letter to the judge explaining that his son was extremely sorry for what he had done, and while a petition for a longer sentence by the students and professors of stanford got more than 95,000 signatures, the sentence was held up. 

Sorry can’t fix what people take away. It can’t undo what is suddenly done that you didn't want done. Sorry won’t bring back nights you lost or days you gave up. Sorry doesn't make it okay. Sorry isn't even an emotion. It’s a word we reach for so that we don’t have to feel guilt. It’s a quick fix. For ourselves and the ones we hurt.

I don’t like sorry. I think it’s lazy. And easy. And disrespectful. And a get out of jail free card. 

EATING: all the ice cream I can get my hands on and lots of summery fruit

DRINKING: ice-cream soda (we're having actual summery weather in scotland you see)

READING: DIY manuals of how to unlock my old phone 

LISTENING: to Taylor Swift & Miley Cyrus

WATCHING: Person Of Interest (it's so addictive!)

BOOKMARKING: stuff for my birthday

WANTING: to eat all the food mum's bought/ made for the party on Sunday

LOOKING: forward to Sunday when I'm finally 18!

ENJOYING: being on holiday

WAITING: for my birthday woop woop

WONDERING: about all the things that need to be improved in the world

LOVING: all this time to relax

HOPING: for a sunny birthday because it's been so lovely and the weather is supposed to change :( 

MARVELLING: that in four months I'll be living in Hyderabad

NEEDING: to pick out my mama's birthday present ( we share a birthday along with my aunt and my cousin)

WEARING: shorts and summery dresses

NOTICING: how much I've grown this past year

KNOWING: that underneath it all, the world is beautiful 

LAUGHING: about silly puns I see on Tumblr like Can February March? No but April May

THINKING: about all the things I have to do for India

DAYDREAMING: about the future and all the things I might do one day.

WISHING: for so many things

FEELING: sorry about the state of the world


  1. on a not really related note - I hate when people can't even apologize when they were obviously wrong. in your mentionned case, it sounds like his dad told him to apologize like a little boy: "say you're sorry!" but he doesn't realize that his son did make a very grown-up decision by what he did.

    1. Yes! Exactly! Sometimes an apology is necessary. Thanks for reading Lisi! x

  2. Oh my goodness I just wrote a whole part of my book (well my few chapters and notes that I hope turns into a book anyway) on all of this! Love it!
    On another note I'm a swiftie as well :)
    Hugs from Hayley

    1. Oohhh that sounds so interesting! I hope you get a book out of it one day :D YAYYYY swifties are always welcome here!x

  3. Oh my goodness I just wrote a whole part of my book (well my few chapters and notes that I hope turns into a book anyway) on all of this! Love it!
    On another note I'm a swiftie as well :)
    Hugs from Hayley

  4. I have been eating a lot of ice cream lately too. It's just perfect. Ice cream soda sounds really good too! Happy early birthday! This is crazy but I have been overwhelmed with all the free time I have. So much to do that I don't know what to do!

    1. Same! It's weird how easily you fall out of having a schedule and not knowing what to do with all the time you suddenly have! Ice cream sodas are amazing, you should definetly & thanks Vanessa! :D x

  5. I love your blog!! I'm so glad you commented on my blog because I really enjoy reading yours! Your totally right, sorry is lazy and a get out of jail free card, people can literally use it over and over again like it means nothing!!


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