Life Currently #4

I'm not one for milestones much, but I am one for gratitude and this seems as good a time as any. I joined Blogger and started writing this blog a couple of years ago and the fact I'm still here is more of a testament to the people on here then it is to my staying power. As I've thought about leaving many times and still do. I've met some fascinating people through this blogging thing. That have challenged me and taught me all manner of things I didn't know about myself. I've made some amazing friends on here. And as is life, come across some not so great people too. I came with little enthusiasm for writing and no sense of my own voice and it was only through some of the immensely talented writers and artists on here that my own passion to frame life around me grew. I came with no idea that I'd still be writing after all this time and again it was through the appreciation of some incredible people on here that I was able to reignite my love for words. 

So thank you to the 365 of you who've chosen to follow me on bloglovin'. It's nice to think I have a follower for every single day of the year.  But more importantly, thank you for sharing your lives and becoming a part of mine. It means the world. 

EATING: lots and lots of cake. it's celebration season, you see.

DRINKING: a ridiculous amount of iron-bru (i've been getting super homesick for scottish things even though I've not even left yet)

READING: some amazing books from my old wattpad friends I've been meaning to catch up on

LISTENING: to a lot of simon and garfunkel


BOOKMARKING: lots of sites for university summer school

WANTING: to have time for myself again

LOOKING: forward to my brother and his girlfriend and my adorable nephdog coming to visit

ENJOYING: catching up with old friends

WAITING: for Britain to come to it's senses

WONDERING: what the next few months will hold.

LOVING: getting to know the friends I'm making at summer school

HOPING: I'll stop procrastinating and get around to tidying my bedroom

MARVELLING: at the way the moon shines through my blinds at night

NEEDING: to write more.

WEARING: lots of summery things & just pretending the weather is nice

NOTICING: how down everyone is about politics and the world right now

KNOWING: that despite everything, it's all going to be okay (i think)

LAUGHING: at all the silly puns

THINKING: about how often history repeats itself

DAYDREAMING: about where I'll be in just a month or two

WISHING: things had turned out differently in the referendum

PRAYING: with everything in me that this EU fiasco turns out way better than it looks set to

FEELING: grateful for so much, despite the terrible headlines around the world.


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