6.37 a.m • A Poem •

6.37 a.m.
‘This train is for Glasgow Central’
We travel through towns. Through crowded cities,
Everywhere we go, we are together.                                                                              
But we’ve reached a crossroads here.
You want to step left. And I want to run right.

6.41 a.m.
‘The next stop is-‘A flash of blue
Comes barrelling down the aisle. “Tickets please”
You always were more organised. I fumble
While you pull a little orange and yellow squared ticket
From the middle of your book.

6.45 a.m.
‘We are now approaching-‘
I think about our sun-kissed skin,
The cities and towns we’ve travelled,
The scars we learnt to trace with our fingertips,
A reminder that who we were isn’t who we’ll become.

6.49 a.m.
‘Change here for services to-‘
We used to know each other.
I’d imagine a future, us, together.
I never imagined that a shift of wind
Would blow us to two different stations, two different dreams.

6.53 a.m.
‘Please mind the gap when alighting from this train’
We’ve reached two separate lines,
Like Robert Frost said, but divided you cannot conquer both.                              
It was never about you. But about the decisions we must make       
When our hearts pound in our ribcages saying go go go.

6.57 a.m. 
‘Please ensure you have all your belongings with you’
Just one ticket through the barrier.
I travel through towns and crowded cities,
Writing my name in every place that comes
At the end of the line.


I wrote this last month at summer school and I was proud of it, so I wanted to share it with you. 


  1. As always, I'm so in love with your writing! Who's the real writing angel here? I think you are :) My favourite part of this poem were the lines 'but we've reached a crossroads here. You want to step left. And I want to run right.' and also 'who we were isn't who we'll become' - it reminded me that as we grow up, we change & our goals change as well so sometimes we end up going in a different direction than the person we thought would always be by our side x


    1. Ahh thanks you so so much Sara! That's true, sometimes we grow apart from people & it's okay! I'm so glad you liked it :) x

  2. thank you for sharing, anne - have a great week ahead!

  3. anne this is so beautiful- I really hope you write a book full of your wonderful poetry one day! <3

    1. ahhh thank you so much Natasha! If i ever have enough of them I will do just that :D x

  4. this is so beautiful - you're very talented!!
    i also noticed you were born in 1998 and was wondering if you'd be interested in being a part of my 98 thinkers project? i'd love to hear from you!! xx

    1. thank you so much!! Definitely interested, let me see what I can do xx


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