Life Currently #6

I promise there is a full journal post coming soon, but in the meantime here's a little life currently post to give you a glimpse into my very chaotic Hyderabad life! Hope you're all having a wonderful week.

EATING: lots of traditional Indian sweets and samosas.

DRINKING: sugarcane juice! I'm addicted to the stuff!

READING: and recording The Doomsday Conspiracy for rehabilitation, because recording audio books is part of my job description now. 

LISTENING: to all my music because spotify is working again! yay! Check out my playlist above for a glimpse into everything I'm listening to.

WATCHING: Indian TV adverts amuse me like nothing else. 

WANTING: my henna to stay on longer, but alas, it's fading!

LOOKING: forward to seeing more of Hyderabad.

ENJOYING: rooftop snack parties and the views over Hyderabad

WAITING: to get all my letters to the mail guy

WONDERING: how I will have changed after a year in this place

LOVING: the sunny weather, although I do kind of miss autumn a little too.

HOPING: that all my students will have done their homework for tomorrow.

 at how quickly India has become home.

NEEDING: to write in my journal more.

WEARING: all my Indian tops.

NOTICING: that Indian driving is an insanely crazy thing to witness and near impossible to put it's chaos into words. 

KNOWING: that I should really be getting to bed :P

LAUGHING: at the silliest things

LEARNING: braille is my new thing! So far I can write my name

THINKING: about getting older and what defines maturity

DAYDREAMING: about getting new pretty Indian tops.

WISHING: for more curry variety in my life, and breakfast to be less spicy!

FEELING: very excited by the handwritten letter I received today. 


  1. Oh I love this little gem! I like the way you wrote it and I hope you get all the pretty Indian tops you want. India sounds really fun so far :)
    I hope you have the best of days,
    stay lovely
    your friend,
    Ps. Can you show us your Braille writing in your longer journal post. I want to see it !

    1. Hey Ayele! Thank you so much :) I will try and show you but I'm still learning <3

  2. 'needing to write in my journal more' ME :) I just bought a new one a few days back to start fresh & hopefully write in it regularly again. We'll see how that goes. I hope you'll continue to make exciting new experiences in India & I'm looking forward to the full journal post x


    1. Ahhh new journals are the best!! Thanks so much Sara! :) x

  3. Life sounds so full and wonderful! I'm jealous at the food you're getting to eat--samosas are amazing. And it's cool that you're learning braille! How are you going about that?

    Ella ~ Simply Scribbles

    1. Samosas are my fav ahhhh :) I'm learning because it's an eye hospital I'm working in and the rehab department at the hospital has offered to teach us woohoo! :)

  4. Anne, sounds like things are looking up forgot! Whenever I visit the Philippines, I also laugh at the commercials-- they're different than the ones we have back in our homes, aren't they? Also I can relate to Spotify because I haven't been able to open the app until last week and OH MY IT IS HEAVENLY. And don't get me started about henna-- I want to try it so bad, but it something I'm not allowed to do while living at home, so...

    I should probably head off to bed as well! Good night!

    xoxo Morning

    1. TV commercials in other places are just so funny! Even if I don't understand what is happening, they're fun to watch. SO HEAVENLY YES. I had all my playlists downloaded before I came then on the plane it stopped working, and only this past week has it been working again. My mama isn't a big fan of henna either but perks of living away from home I guess ;) x

  5. Sounds like you are having an amazing time in India. Ah I love curry and spicy foods but never thought about making my breakfast spicy. Haha can't wait to read more about what you have been up to.


    1. ahhh Joanny, even if you love spicy food I don't recommend it! It's probably my least favourite thing ahaha! :D

  6. It sounds like you're living the time of your life. Can't wait to read more about your adventures, it sounds so exciting!

    Xx Eline

    1. ahhh i've missed you girl. i'm having a blast <3


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