I Believe In Love // A Poem

You can call me naïve and a dreamer.
You can call me young and foolish;
stuck in a silly wonderland created in my mind.
You can laugh and tell me I have no idea
how harsh the world can be.

You can roll your eyes and say that;
Say I haven’t lived long enough to experience anything.
You can tell me that love isn’t real,
that I don’t know what love is.
But no matter what you say,
I’ll never stop believing in love.

I believe that we are meant
to love each other. That we are meant
to find people whose hearts beat
in sync with ours.
That we have to hold them close.
That we aren’t meant to wander
this earth alone and that there is someone,
or maybe a series of someones,
who will make us feel alive.

I believe that we are meant to find our person—
through trials and fears,
moments of doubt and victories,
through pain and laughter—
and our two hearts will just fit.
I believe that even though we may not find
the right one on our first try,
our heartbreak is a beautiful part of the journey. 
I believe in love.
I believe that you meet someone
and you just know;
I believe that you meet someone
and you discover who they are, and then fall deeply.
I believe that you keep on loving.
I believe that you choose to love, every single day.
I believe in love, even when it’s hard.
When two people can’t seem to find their rhythm,
when conflict becomes more prevalent than care,
when it’s no longer easy—
still, I believe that love exists.
We just must continue and work for it.
I believe in love, even when it fails.
Even when we have nothing left to give.
Even when we feel defeated and alone
and wonder if we’ll every find someone
whose heart matches with ours.
Still, I believe in love.
Because love always finds us in our brokenness.
It lifts us when we have lost all hope.
It forgives us from our mistakes,
teaches us that we are never alone.

Love is in the people who have raised us,
the friends we have chosen,
the lips we have kissed,
the bodies we have held close to ours
in both the extraordinary and the mundane
moments of our lives.

See, I’ll never stop believing in love.
I’ll never ignore what I see all around me
in the kindness of strangers, in the smiles
exchanged on street corners,
in couples holding hands
and children smiling at adults,
so naturally prone to want others,
to want to be connected.

We’ve all gone through heartbreak,
but we’re still breathing, aren’t we?
We’re still holding on.
We’re still finding reasons to open
our eyes in the morning, and we’re still
fighting back against our biggest demons.
Every single day.

See, I’ll never stop believing
in the power love has in our lives—
the power to save us, to change us,
to grow us, to make us stronger.
I’ll never stop believing that
we will one day find our people,
that we will be connected to others,
that our lives will be blessed
by the relationships we have,
even if they don’t always go as planned.

When I think about love,
I think about the people I’ve known
and the challenges I’ve faced.
I think about how love has gotten me through,
every single time.
I think about how love is fearless and powerful,
a guiding force, a warm feeling in our chests.
And maybe we’ll be alone at times,
maybe we’ll have tired hearts and aching bodies,
maybe we won’t have another person
in our lives all the time,
but there’s no reason to turn our backs on love.
Because it’s the one thing that connects us to one another.
It’s the one thing that makes us human.
And it’s so damn beautiful.


  1. I believe in your ability to always create beautiful poetry
    I believe in the happiness I see whenever you smile
    I believe that you touched my heart with this very true and beautiful poem
    I believe in you !

    See what I did there haha, anyways I really like this poem and I can't wait to read more from you.
    wishing you all the best,

    1. gahagsdshdihdka thank you so much ayele <3

  2. YES YES YES I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I have a blogppst sitting in my drafts right now kind of about the same topic but I didn't have the courage to post it yet cause it's quite personal, probably the most personal one I've ever written. But basically one huge aspect of it was that people can call be naive or whatever they want to but that doesn't change the fact that I still believe in real love. I just feel like a lot of people my age don't really believe in love that much anymore & I think that's sad x


    1. great minds think alike ahahah! So much love sara, I can't wait to read your post!x


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