The Year That Was Everything

I left high school one year ago today.

One whole year has passed since I last walked out of those doors, last walked those hallways or saw those friends. Since I took the short, winding path home, smiling at hot-bike-guy as I walked slowly under the underpass. Since I sat in those classrooms and wore that uniform and said goodbye to six of the craziest years of my life. 

One year. 
 In the evening, my friends and I went out to dinner in Glasgow all the while being tagged in numerous posts of nostalgia. That night, from my bedroom window I watched the sky burn orange– a sunset see-you-soon to a period of my life I had truly loved. The entire day was one of bittersweet celebration. In many ways, lovely – a marker of six years of hard work, adventure, growth. The signed shirts we clutched deliciously between our hands were symbols of all we had seen and learned over six years that we had poured ours hearts into. Sad, too – the story had reached its natural conclusion, the tale of these six years and our friendships. Our paths had reached a crossroads, and the majority of us had chosen different directions. 

There were tears, hugs, innumerable photographs, sobbing embraces, choked see-you-soons and hearty congratulations. Even as it was happening, I knew I would always remember it. As the afternoon wore on, we ran around different buildings trying to catch everyone, then sat cross-legged on the floor of a music classroom,  drinking the cola of a party we had gatecrashed, watching our now-former teachers mill around outside.

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since that day. It feels both an eternity and no time at all, which is exactly what I wrote about my years at school this time last year. It's funny because before I left high-school I was so scared. Scared of leaving that little bubble and life as I'd always known it. But now, one year down and so many exciting prospects ahead - I really do believe now that the best years are still to come.

And as time passes, I feel more and more as if the very beauty of life lies in its unknowns. Perhaps we can have all our dreams and live them too. More likely, the very act of choosing is the best bit of it all. It is its very own mystery – for which path will I, you, we all, choose? Our lives are wide open and ready to be lived. Who knows what even this next year will hold? Nobody tells you how frightening the prospect of all that choice can seem, but I’ve come to think it’s awfully thrilling too.

I couldn't have imagined a better year after high-school than the one I've had the joy of living. I am building a life I love here in India, have seen my confidence grow in immeasurable ways, made friends for life and become more independent than I ever thought I'd be. This year has been a crazy one, but it really has been everything. 


  1. I love your just-do-it vibe, it's so encouraging and motivating. YOU made this year great, you can be so proud!

    1. ohhh Lisi <3 thanks a million, this comment made my heart soar <3

  2. thank you for writing this Anne, you have no idea how much I needed to read it. it has been about four months for me since my graduation day and at first I definitely felt all the fear of the unknown. I mean I still kind of do the vision I have of where I want my life to go is starting to form itself more and more. much love to you and much love for this post x

    1. Sara, I'm sending all the love your way <3 <3


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